Planning (or attending) a Rubik’s Cube party?

The Rubik’s Cube Party is themed on the puzzle toy from the 80′s. Read on to find out how it works, what to wear, and what to bring!

Party Rules
Everyone wears solid-colored items of clothing in the Rubik’s Cube colors: White, red, blue, orange, yellow, and green.

Each person should wear at least one item in each color.

During the party, people trade items of clothing with other attendees.

The goal is to be dressed from head to toe in a single color by the end of the night.

Prizes can be given out for the first person to “solve” their clothing, for the most creative costume, and for the sexiest outfit (male and female).

Party-goers should wear a variety of clothing articles.

Hats, scarves, shirts, vests, jackets, gloves, shorts, pants, underwear, legwarmers, socks, and shoes are all fair game.

Sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, and belts can fill in any gaps in an outfit.

Thrift stores are perfect for finding unique clothes in bright, bold colors.

See how creative you can get!



Limelifephoto.com has Rubik’s Cube party photos for costume ideas: http://limelifephoto.com/blog/the-nonbooth-rubiks-cube-party/


  • Drinks – Along with the usual beverages like beer and alcohol, Jell-O shots can be made in Rubik’s Cube colors.
  • Food – Make cupcakes and use food coloring to brighten the icing. Keep it simple!
  • Decorations – Cut bright construction paper into squares and post randomly around the party area.
  • Games – Twister and Candyland are both simple, colorful games that people will enjoy at a party.
  • Favors – What would a Rubik’s Cube party be without the toy itself? Have a few of these lying around and offer a prize to anyone who can solve one. Give away miniature 2×2 cubes at the end of the night.

Supplies can be found below: